Day 3


Bed-time snack:  cinnamon toast.


Day 2


This is a scarf I started knitting yesterday.  It’s called “Daily High Temperatures Scarf” (or something like that).  Each colour is assigned a five-degree increment, and two rows of the daily high’s colour are knit each day.

So far, we’ve had -7C and -16C.  Cold.

Project 365

I’m going to give this another shot.  I lasted until April a couple years ago and I can’t quite remember why I stalled.  So, here goes:


Took this picture at my new favourite shooting spot near the Royal Botanical Gardens.

And Now It’s Summer!

It’s Spring!


Okay, I failed at Project 365.  However, in my defense, the weather’s been terrible (too windy to take pics).

No matter, I’ll still post what I’ve got.

Yesterday was just one example of our crazy weather.  Seemed like all four seasons in one day.  Except for summer.

Project 365: Day 99